Bucks County Poison Ivy Removal Service
Evergreen LMI will remove poison ivy from residential, commercial and industrial areas. Our Bucks County poison ivy removal services includes a safe and effective removal of poison ivy by using only a organic removal solution that is both safe and effective. We can set up a one time clean up to annual contracts for larger properties. Please call us for a free estimate, more information or to schedule your poison ivy removal.

poison ivy removal

Poison ivy can be found everywhere the woods, fields, your own backyard, vacant lots, all depending on where you're living. In particular, these plants seem to have fondness for growing along fences and stone walls and they like the sheltered edges of forests, fields and sunny areas.

  • The leaves alternate, with three leaflets sitting on a long stem.
  • The leaflets are broad and the two lateral side leaflets are smaller than the terminal (end or middle) leaf.
  • The middle leaf of poison ivy always sticks out more.
  • The center leaf usually almost always has a small stem, where the two side leaves grow directly from the vine and do not have small stems.
  • The leaves tend to be a bright to dark, waxy green when viewed from above. When viewed from underneath, they appear lighter and fuzzier. In spring, the leaves are usually a bright green, while in fall, they turn red.

bucks county poison ivy

Bucks County
Poison Ivy Removal Service

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