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Driveway Columns Installation Langhorne PA Bucks County

Client wanted a more definitive sense of entry to their driveway. This project included the construction of two stucco driveway piers. The piers were built on a concrete footing and constructed of cinder blocks. After the block work was completed the piers were given a stucco finish which was then painted to match the house. Each pier was the capped using a piece of thermal bluestone and finally the Landscape lighting was installed for the finished look.

Before / During & After Photos


Driveway Pier Installation constructed in
Langhorne, PA in Bucks County

Belgian Blocks Pavers Morrisville PA

Belgian Blocks pavers are used for curbing, paving, garden borders, walkways, driveway aprons, walls, and decorative pieces. This Morrisville Pa client wanted their existing Belgian blocks removed and properly re-installed. To do so, all the blocks were removed and a new line was cut in the asphalt. A footing was dug and the edge stones were installed as a sailor course and slumped in concrete footing. Finally Blocks were mortared and given a brush finished

Belgian Block Pavers Morrisville PA placed on
driveway, walkways, curbs and as a garden border.